The world is changing, and not for the better. Polluted oceans and vast temperature changes are a threat to our beautiful planet and its inhabitants. In 2023 ‘BE AWARE’ was founded as an initiative by X-Sports Lifestyle to make a difference. With our love for the outdoors and extreme sports we are taking it upon ourselves to start making people aware and save what we hold dear.

To help the beautiful outdoors, the place where we have fun and enjoy life, Stijn and Matthijs decided to start ‘BE AWARE’. A company that tries to make people aware of the damages being done to nature through their products. Every product sold will contribute to a better world by donating up to 50% of its profits to charities that support our mission.

But while creating awareness around this serious topic, we don’t want people to forget to have fun. We do this by showing how to have fun in the outdoors while being aware of the importance of its preservation. Because there’s nothing more important in life than having fun and enjoying life. Hence our saying: “Have fun, just be aware’. 

Through sharp humor and surreal images we try to make people open their eyes and see what the situation at hand is. No more snow in the mountains, melting ice caps, and polluted oceans killing marine life are topics we address through our products. We want to make people aware of what’s happening right now and what they can do to change it all for the better. By buying a product from ‘BE AWARE’, you will directly make a change.

Together we can heal this planet and make sure we can shred the mountains and waves for many more generations to come!